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What Our Visitors Have to Say

You will not leave the same way you came in. I experienced God on a whole new level. Which left me wanting to be a better person! The Holy Spirit meets us right where we're at! Unveiling the new You!.

Markeshia H.
Newnan, GA

No other place I'd rather be! I have the best church family anyone could ask for! And my Apostle is the bomb!

Rachel M.
Newnan, GA

I love my church family!!!! I am so blessed to be apart of this ministry!!!

McClain L.
Newnan, GA

I am in love with my new family!!! What a warm welcoming me and my family received!! hallelujah! Glory be to God

Shay B.
Newnan, GA

The best ministry you could ever imagine worshipping with.

Elijah G.
Newnan, GA

God-ordained deliverance and outreach ministry that truly unveils God's Word!!!! They have great Apostles and excellent leadership!!!!

Jalen P.
Newnan, GA